Thursday, July 14, 2011

DAY 58

Today would be July 6th. this would be the day that you got sick form eating to much candy! LOL! That's okay, it was so good right?

 This is probably how you'll feel, and this is probably how you'll look!

Day 57

To day is suppose to be July 5th. The day you finish off the rest of your candy right :) Well here's a few pictures that I didn't take of candy but it is of candy.

Mmmmm....can you say yummy?

Day 56

Today, if I would have been posting on a regualr basis, and if I wasn't on vacation, it would of been the forth of july! Yeah Happy fourth everbody! LOL :)

I have a ton more of these coming! :)

Day 55

Hope you are adorable...I love you!

Day 54

This is my hair! Doesn't it look completely awesome! My sister Leah is SO good at hair. She basically can do anything, and she hasn't even had a lesson before :) How I wish I was like her :(

Day 53

Sorry it's been so long :( we were on a vacation! I will make up for these posts that I have missed. Every Tues. we go to my dads softball games. The kids there are the cutest little things!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 52

As promised here are those pictures! There are still a few more but  I only think it's necessary to show you these. Tell me what you think?